Why Is Cheating At Roulette A Bad Idea?

Cheating at roulette can be very lucrative if you can get away with it. Richard Marcus, Pierre Duval, and the Eudaemons have all made a lot of money manipulating the game’s odds.

Warning: Of course, I don’t recommend that you engage in any of these cheating methods.

The reason is that you could face legal repercussions and, at a minimum, be excluded from the casinos. I will tell you about the legality of the matter and explain why you have very little chance of getting away with unfairly acquired profits.

Roulette Cheating Is Illegal In Many Places.

These include late betting, pinching, wheel-rigging, magnetic balls, and collaboration between players and croupiers.

None of these methods require skill other than a concentrated effort to tip the scales in your favor.

Computerized devices are another story, as they are not explicitly illegal in all gaming jurisdictions.

In addition, the equipment you use does not affect the casino equipment in any way. Devices help you predict potential winners using technology.


Another thing to be aware of is the embarrassment you will face if / when you are kicked out of a casino.

Even if you are using technically legal devices, casinos are private establishments that can refuse to serve players with an advantage. They will quickly kick you out if they detect that you are using a unique device to beat them.

Perhaps the embarrassment of being banned from a casino is nothing compared to the big profits you could earn.

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